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This page shows all of the crawls that ArchiveBot is currently running.

To pause scrolling, move your mouse inside a log window.

To show just one job, click anywhere on its stats line.

To clear all finished jobs, reload the page.

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • j - show next job window
  • k - show previous job window
  • a - show all job windows
  • n - hide all job windows
  • f - move focus to filter box
  • v - open the job URL of the first-shown job window
  • ? - show/hide help text

The color coding for the job stats line is: in progress, finished normally, finished with abort, finished with fatal exception.

Mouse over the job start date or the response count for additional information.

If your adblocker is enabled for this domain, you will see slower performance, and some URLs will not be displayed.

Chromium-based browser users (e.g. Chrome, Brave, Edge) may observe very long hangs when returning to this dashboard tab after leaving it in the background. Run the browser with command-line argument --disable-background-timer-throttling to fix this issue.

A custom context menu is shown when right-clicking URLs in the log windows below. It can be disabled by adding ?contextMenu=0 to the dashboard URL. Firefox users: if you see both the normal and custom context menu, make sure dom.event.contextmenu.enabled is set to true in about:config.

For easier text selection in the log windows, add ?moreDom=1 to the dashboard URL. (This uses ~25% more memory.)

To use ArchiveBot, drop by #archivebot on hackint. Issue commands by typing them into the channel. You will need channel operator (@) or voice (+) status to issue archiving jobs; just ask for help or leave a message with the website you want to archive.

These ignore sets are available for crawls. The global ignore set automatically applies to all crawls.

On GitHub at ArchiveTeam/ArchiveBot.

You can try the alternate dashboard (beta) here.