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This page shows all of the crawls that ArchiveBot is currently running.

To show or hide a job, click anywhere on its stats line. The color coding for the job stats line is: in progress, finished normally, finished with abort, finished with fatal exception.

Mouse over the job start date or the response count for additional information.

To pause scrolling, move your mouse inside a log window.

To clear all finished jobs, reload the page.

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • j - show next job window
  • k - show previous job window
  • a - show all job windows
  • n - hide all job windows
  • f - move focus to filter box
  • v - open the job URL of the first-shown job window
  • ? - show/hide help text

Browser tips:

  • If your ad blocker is enabled for this domain, you will see slower performance, and some URLs will not be displayed.
  • Performance may be impacted by other browser extensions that watch the DOM. Sometimes the offending extension can be found using the profiler in the DevTools 'Performance' tab.
  • A custom context menu is shown when right-clicking URLs in the log windows below. It can be disabled by adding ?contextMenu=0 to the dashboard URL. Firefox users: if you see both the normal and custom context menu, make sure dom.event.contextmenu.enabled is set to true in about:config.
  • To change the font used on this page, customize the sans-serif font in your browser's font settings.

URL parameters:

  • To specify an initial filter, add ?initialFilter=TEXT to the dashboard URL. The default is ^$.
  • To retain more lines in the log windows, add ?historyLines=1000 to the dashboard URL. The default is 500, or 250 on mobile.
  • To update the dashboard more frequently, add ?batchTimeWhenVisible=33 to the dashboard URL. The default is 125 (8 Hz).
  • To skip loading of recent (buffered) log data for jobs, add ?loadRecent=0 to the dashboard URL. Inactive jobs will not appear.

To use ArchiveBot, drop by #archivebot on hackint. Issue commands by typing them into the channel. You will need channel operator (@) or voice (+) status to issue archiving jobs; just ask for help or leave a message with the website you want to archive.

These ignore sets are available for crawls. The global ignore set automatically applies to all crawls.

On GitHub at ArchiveTeam/ArchiveBot. You can try the alternate dashboard (beta) here.